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Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got salmon in my tummy

Hello hungry unicorn friends, today I will share with you one of my easy, fast and quite healthy recipes I like to cook when I am hungry 😀 You will need – 250… Continue reading

Pork fillet with carrots and zucchini aside

What you will need: – about150 grams of pork fillet – one carrot – half of a zucchini – salt and pepper Cut the fillet into strips that are about 1 1/2 to… Continue reading

Quinoa tryout recipe – “Red Quinoa Apple Cinnamon Dessert”

One will require: – 50 grams of red Quinoa (“Keen-wa”) – one apple (or some apple compote, bananas will work too – to be honest the fruit just doesn’t really matter, what ever… Continue reading

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

  To reproduce this meal you will need: – about 100 gr. of muesli (I used an apple-cinnamon mix from Seitenbacher) – try to settle for a one that doesn’t contain that much… Continue reading

Food Haul #1

Hello dearest unicorn-followers yesterday I went for a ‘food-shopping-sprint’ with one of my roomies and I thought I could share with you some of the things that I bought. So here we go:… Continue reading

The yummy taste of carb-free meals …

This is one of my latest evening meals. Every now and then I have some sparetime, I indeed enjoy cooking something special and healthy! Needed ingredients: – veal medaillon about 150 to 200… Continue reading

Healthy breakfast on a sunny day

You will need: – 2 eggs – a sip of milk – 150 grams mushrooms (you could also use other vegetables if you are not a big fan of mushrooms) – 50 grams… Continue reading