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Some Norwegian flair – Sightseeing in Oslo

Hello dearest unicorn friends, as I already told you I was for a weekend in a small town, village near Oslo. Therefore I had the opportunity to spend some time in a beautiful… Continue reading

A view of the city Oslo

Hej hej, during my stay in Oslo/Tomter I have been to the wellknown “Sculpture Parc Ekeberg”.  To be precisely Ekeberg is a neighbourhood in Oslo. So if you are talking about the park… Continue reading

Let’s have a picknick at the lake …

Hello my dearest unicorn friends, I’ve spend my last weekend in a beautiful small town called Tomter. It located in Norway, only 45 minutes away from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Since the… Continue reading

On my way to a whole new world…

Dearest unicorn friends, I’ve made it! I have graduated and got accepted to the one-year programme “International Logistics and Supply Chain Management” (M. Sc.) in Jönköping (Sweden). On a quite short notice I… Continue reading

Backpacking trip to Andalusia #4 stop Ronda

YIKES!!! Dearest unicorn friends, do you know what I’ve realized while scrolling throw my latest blog posts?! YES! Ahaaa! You don’t say! I’ve totally forgot to post about the last stop we took… Continue reading

Backpacking trip to Andalusia #3 stop: Cadiz

Hello dearest unicorn friends how is life? what have you been up to lately? Any traveling plans yet? if so just share them with me, if not, enjoy some of the impressions I… Continue reading

Backpacking trip to Andalusia #2 stop: Sevilla

Hello dearest unicorn friends I am back!!! 🙂 I had a lot to do… all kinds of stuff such as finalizing my dissertation, but that is not the topic of today’s post. Let… Continue reading

Backpacking trip to Andalusia #1 stop: Malaga

Hello dearest unicorn friends wishing to keep my promises, I have decided to share with you a small collections of images I took during my trip to Andalucia. I was about three entire… Continue reading

Ready … set… go! Let the backpacking trip begin

Hello dearest unicorn friends before ‘spreading’ all the coolest impressions on my blog that I collected during my backpacking trip to Andalucia I thought it would be quite helpful for a starter to… Continue reading

Hiking – a day in the sun

Today I went with the best roomie in the whole wide world and a friend of mine (whose name I am still not allowed to mention) for a hiking trip in the woods… Continue reading